Friday, 2 April 2010

So what will a hung parliament mean?

So what will a hung parliament mean?

Basically this will result in the 3 main parties forming a coalition.
The question remains, is this, what you want?
The country has never known real revolution, merely rebellion. If change is to be real and long lasting it must be something that is not a repeat or a manifestation of what has gone before.
With all the main parties involved in some way with fraudulent claims for expenses, along with several other serious issues, how can any of them credibly form a coalition government that has the people’s interest at its forefront?
Due to the countries immigration laws and practices, many voters feel that none of the main parties are representing the views of the indigenous people within the UK.
This is not healthy as it leads to extremist parties such as the BNP collecting more votes for the wrong reasons. There are issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later in order for balance and growth, but most of all fairness.
In truth this country needs revolution, both in the representatives of the people and the forward motion of this country.
Whether one agrees of disagrees with climate change, there is one thing for certain, and that is that the new industries and products will be more successful the “Greener” they are. It would therefore be a sensible direction for the UK to start new “Green” industries to service the world. If you can furnish people with sustainable green options without it costing them the Earth, they will play ball, with over 70% of the people in favour of renewables that are sustainable.
Could you imagine if the UK went truly green, there would be more than enough potential to actually arrive in the 21st Century, instead of living within the outmoded practices and toxicity of the industrial revolution?

So there is a choice to be made, and the youth who are old enough to vote need to step up and make their voices heard along with everyone else’s. The future is not certain, but if the same people are left in power controlling politics and the peoples of the UK, then any real change will be a long time coming.

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