Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Defence budget yet another political lie which cost lives
Both Conservative and Labour squabble over where their monies come from, we ask the question, where’s your money going?

Methadone & mephedrone Kill, Kat doesn’t give you 9 lives
The Home office and government were aware of its dangers for sometime but did not readily share this information with the public.
Another reason to decriminalise drugs then kids won’t hide and the information will not come too late. This is not condoning the use of drugs but you will not find a cure if you hide the cause

Cardinal Sean Brady
Repentance and reflection, probably guilty of aiding and abetting or withholding information, this man could have prevented suffering and ended the crimes against the innocent, time best spent in prison reflecting and making admission of ignoring the truth

Climate change advertising Standard Committee bans government health information advert
Many complaints were Complaints that the adverts were too scary for kids, and many felt that it was over exaggerating the situation. Just because an ostrich buries its head in the sand does not mean the storm will not affect him
Much money has been spent on the government’s high profile campaign to raise the public’s awareness to climate change. Still none of the political parties have implemented plans for a green industry
Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, claims of data manipulation inaccuracies are suddenly rife, people are being told about the cost to them, and nothing of putting the green in the pound.
Why was 11 year old Sam, a young school boy suffering a severe asthma attack left alone by a teacher to die.
This poor kid, the teacher didn’t even bother to call an ambulance?
Abandonment of duty, maybe even culpability, involuntary manslaughter?
Head teacher admits to failings, but what about the teachers own intelligence and common sense?

Portsmouth nearly relegated
How can a team, who, by their own game are in one division, suddenly be forced with relegation because they are in financial difficulties? Though they have been advanced funds for an advertising deal to keep the bankers at bay, it should come down to how well you play your game, not how much money you have in the bank and why should loyal fans suffer due to the actions or non actions of the over waged

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