Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Well there you have it, the main points that the people wanted such as keeping public services and not implementing cuts on them, coupled with a new referendum for Parliament, MPs and Governments to make them more accountable, these were being put forward by both Labour and Liberal, as part of their manifesto
How does this vote by two thirds of the electorate get forgotten and doesn’t resolve with the two parties with the most votes forming a coalition government This being Labour and Conservatives, but concludes with the minority Liberals and the majority Conservative forming the government. Surely the principles of each parties manifesto should have counted for something? After all this is what the people were voting for, so at least two thirds of the electorate were in favour of the parties that were similar with their manifestos
None of the parties have had the support of a majority of the people within the UK. If any coalition government were to have been formed it should have been of all parties working for the benefit of the people with a referendum and a new people’s constitution. Now what do we have? Once again the people of the country are not truly represented

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