Tuesday, 11 May 2010


If a coalition is to be formed, it must be formed from all minority parties then its first task should be to hold a national referendum, within one month of the coalition taking place. Included in this referendum must be a new constitution, made by the people by the people
None of the parties have anything close to a majority, far from it. This is a direct reflection of people’s lack of faith in the political system. Labour said that it acknowledged the need for political change and Mr. Cleg insisted it was at the forefront of his election campaign. The Tories were and are still not interested in any political change. This could possibly be because they like the old feudal systems where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. On reflection this must mean that if Mr Clog is to honour his promises to his supporters then he must give his support to Labour. This isn’t a good way to progress as it does not directly deal with the problems at hand; firstly this country needs a new fair constitution that favours the majority of the people. As stated before it must be made by the people for the people. There should also be new rules and regulation/laws enforced on the government/s with accountability being at its forefront.
MP’s and Lords who are active in politics and government should not be allowed to have any other vested interests in other businesses other than those directly involved with the people of the UK.
The UK should stop selling its business to other countries, with Cadbury being an example of this ongoing mismanagement of UK businesses. The UK then needs to get itself in order by sorting itself out economically, firstly by taking all the money back that the bankers have given themselves in bonuses, then set up an independent regulatory body to make sure that the economy does not suffer as a result of bankers mismanagement of the publics money.
We should then progress by making investment, with a large amount of this investment going towards creating a new green industry with new jobs and brighter prospects for everyone.
Emigration should be stopped and a new audit should be done to find out exactly how many people are in the country and logistically how many people it can support with its resources, this should be done with a view to the next 20- 50 years. This will then allow emigration to set numbers that are in keeping with the findings. Once this is done emigration can continue at a regulated rate more in keeping with the UK resources.
The most important thing the UK needs is a referendum for an overhaul of the political system; this should include a NEW Constitution, made by the people, for the people of the UK

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