Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election update 2010

The People are counting
The people are the most important thing before, during and after the election, it seems all those politicians don't have a clue about real life, real people, and what exactly is it that they all keep serving up to the people in return for all the taxes and charges they take and keep taking?
And who exactly do we owe money to? Could they possibly be the same group of bankers that give themselves massive bonuses, mismanage world monies and cause a credit crunch? All these politicians talking, but we know none of them are really listening to the people, they are too busy within their own little world/s which are growing increasingly smaller as people wake up. Who wants to vote for a bunch of fraudsters?What the people need is a new constitution, made by the people, for the people.So here it is, the general election, and who are you going to vote for?Some of us have seen the main parties serve terms in office, and if we are to look at the truth, we will see that none of them have stuck to their manifestoes, and none of them have ever been for the people, that’s you, and me.This election will see many first time voters knowing nothing but labour rule.Anyone who has known the ideals of the original labour will now hardly recognise new labour. The Labour party was made by the workers for the workers, but, since Tony Blair, it has been shanghaied by self inclusive selfish types whose aim is to line their own pockets and support their own agenda, not that of the people, as it professes.The conservatives shout that they will bring change, this they already did with their Thatcher regime, who systematically sold off our industries and jobs.You will notice that this is also continued practice by the new Labour party.So there is no point in voting for a party that doesn’t have the people’s interests at the heart of their manifesto.Liberal seem to be talking a lot, but they are just the same as the others, self inclusive all the way.So there you have it, how many other parties are you aware of?A Hung Parliament, now there’s a thought.
It’s about time we had a constitution for the people.We all need to stand together now and get a new constitution, proportional representations along with fair and just laws for by the people.
All future MPs should be held to the promises they make during election (their pre election manifesto) this is what they tell you they will do if you vote for them. If they do not deliver they must forfeit.MPs should not be able to have a vested interest in anything other than the job of politics which they are in; this is their job, to serve the people, not the other way around.This is your time our time one time to create a new and just society for all not the minority.Pay up Pay upAccepting the committees conclusionsExpenses bust the trust of the people, it’s no illusionNow MPs pay back in part for over indulgenceAnd still they’ll do little except take the money from the peopleWho’s in control?Does anybody know?I see a bunch of crooksReaching for their cheque booksWhilst others wriggle and side stepWouldn’t place my bet on any of these horsesLiberal, Labour or the ToriesI’m with the peopleThat’s where I standWe are the voices of these islandsThere are issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later in order for balance and growth, but most of all fairness.In truth this country needs revolution, both in the representatives of the people and the forward motion of this country.Whether one agrees of disagrees with climate change, there is one thing for certain, and that is new industries and products will be more successful the “Greener” they are. It would therefore be a sensible direction for the UK to start new “Green” industries to service the world. If you can furnish people with sustainable green options without it costing them the Earth, they will play ball, with over 70% of the people in favour of renewables that are sustainable.Could you imagine if the UK went truly green, there would be more than enough potential to actually arrive in the 21st Century, instead of living within the outmoded practices and toxicity of the industrial revolution?
(A proposal was submitted to No10, then Tony Blair and Gordon Brown at the treasury.
This letter was asking for the government to consider the mass manufacture of green cars, using the Long bridge plant that at the time was closing. The new factories proposal began with the operation being green from top to toe using renewables to drive the green factory. These cars produced would be made accessible and at cheap enough price for it to make sense changing over, not too dissimilar to the same plan the Germans used for their VW’s) A further proposal was made to introduce a system within biodegradables, so that 90% of packaging was made from the same materials. This would then reduce the time and money spent sorting and recycling materials that are heading for the bin, along with a law forcing companies to use renewables as a sole source for packaging).
You, your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, and ancestors have for years have and do work hard. Every day paying VAT on 90% of purchases you make, this has increased over time the most recent being an increase from 15 pence in the pound to 17.5 pence in the pound 17.5%. This means that almost everything you buy, they take money from you. Every hour you work, they take a percentage of your wages, year in, year out. And what have they given in return? Very little compared to the amount of monies, billions upon billions that they take every year from the people and this has been going on for hundreds of years. We have seen how they treat the people with contempt, whilst paying themselves excessive amounts and stealing the people’s money by scamming expenses. On top of this many of them also have vested interests as silent partners within big businesses. This usually results in legislation and laws being passed that are not in the interest of the many, but of the few.So who gets your vote? The politicians seem to be missing the point; a vast majority of people have lost faith in all of them, with the main charge falling on the main parties, all of them are in the same boat together, not one person stood away from the expenses scandal, because they are all involved either by direct action or by way of deliberately saying nothing.What our country needs is someone real, someone who is of the people, not from some elitist self inclusive private club run by people with money for people with money.We need someone who will stop all the banks outrageous bonus schemes, who will take action reclaiming some of your money back from those greedy types. We need someone who sees that investment and innovation in green industries is the way forward. Someone who sees public services a paramount importance, someone who is of the people for the people. We are the people, who are we going to vote for??????Pretty soon they’ll make it so that the only way people get to be a representative for the people is if they have money. At present to run a mayoral campaign you’ll need £10,000 to be in the running. This is all wrong, anyone should be eligible for election, whether that’s for a mayoral position or for that of Prime minister, irrelevant of financial standing, after all, lets face it, there are more poor people than affluent people, so the representation would be more balanced. Is that why they keep people poor, so that they can’t afford the liberty of free choice?So who are you going to vote for?Who will bring change?I could, you could, the people could, and that’s us by the way.But where do you tick the box for that one? The people of the UK.So there is a choice to be made, and the youth who are old enough to vote need to step up and make their voices heard along with everyone else’s. The future is not certain, but if the same types of people are left in power controlling politics and the peoples of the UK, then any real change will be a long time coming.

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