Tuesday, 16 June 2009

UK Political News MPs Expenses

UK Political News MPs Expenses

Where is the transparency?

Harriet Herman
Stated today 16th June 2009
“MPs don’t want to be under suspicion of fixing things for their own interest”, she talks of a culture change, and of changing people perceptions. What does she mean by this?
At the moment a large majority of people are seeing many MPs for what they truly are elitists who are totally self inclusive, living off of the people, without serving the people.
Generally the only time you hear from them is when they want your signature, which allows them to carry on the same dishonourable way since I have known.

Harriet Herman went on to say
Parliament needed flexibility, not decided by an external body when deciding on the legislation, she then goes on to say MPs want to seed the culture of change by letting it be done independently.
She keeps talking about transparency
Why is it not an independently elected board by the people who decide what the legislations will be?
Why it is again left to in house decisions by the MPs?
In truth I think that an independent should look closely at the last 10 -20 years of their expenses claims.
If there is a real call for transparency then this should result in questions being answered.
Over the last 20-30 years, how much money has been taken from the people’s labours and used to support many of these MPs lavish life styles?

Harriet Herman says people want MPs to get on and change the constitution, what does she mean?
I don’t want the MPs to change the constitution; I want the people to change the constitution
What this country needs is a real up to date constitution based on the people and their needs; this should be put together by the people, for the people.
Our rights and rules seem to have been hijacked by a bunch of pirates and draconian antiquated dictators.

Why have none of these MPs been brought to book and prosecuted over their fraudulent activity. I think the people want to see some action taken regarding the law and the offences committed

It is also a known fact that many of these MPs also have seats on boards of other companies, how can this be allowed, surly there is a conflict of interest, especially when heading boards of companies that are responsible for polluting your planet

Harriet Herman told how party leaders and the speaker had a meeting in May 2009-06-16. Where they discussed, the statute not being run in house.
She then went on to say, that they now need to put it into legislation, adding that they will then decide how it operates.
This is an ongoing problem that is responsible for the problem in the first place, MPs deciding on their own legislative rules, guidelines and directives

Obviously these guidelines will be put together by MPs themselves, is this acceptable?
They are proposing many new bills and bringing in new legislation and laws, who will these laws benefit?
How will the selection process work to decide who are on the board of the independent committee? MPs will, by their legislation and their guidelines decide how these independent elected bodies operate. Surly this cannot be right?

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