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ग्रीटिंग्स पीपुल ऑफ़ एअर्थ थे- फ्रेंडशिप इस त्रवेल्लिंग थे वर्ल्ड वाइड वेब उनितिंग पीपुल विथ आईटी स मेसेज ऑफ़ पास स्टैंड उप एंड बे कोउन्तेद शेयर

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ग्रीटिंग्स पीपुल ऑफ़ एअर्थ थे- फ्रेंडशिप इस त्रवेल्लिंग थे वर्ल्ड वाइड वेब उनितिंग पीपुल विथ आईटी स मेसेज ऑफ़ पास स्टैंड उप एंड बे कोउन्तेद शेयर

A History of Violence

The People need laws put into place to protect them from the excessive, and, at times, unlawful behaviour of the police. There need to be a strong and enforced accountability of the police and a new "People friendly" policing reform is needed.
The job of the United Kingdoms police is to uphold the law, but many of these laws are designed to raise revenue, and in many cases, do not favour the majority.
These result in many UK citizens being unfairly penalised by a draconian system built on self interest, greed and control, rather than one of generosity, honesty and integrity.

Many demonstrators protest in a peaceful and law abiding way against, bad laws, injustices, big business, and polluters along with Government Expenses and police brutality.
The reason for these shows of solidarity by the UK citizens is because they see there is a constant disregard for the rights of the people, by the MPs, governments, and big business and multi-conglomerate companies. The Law is made up of, and created by, a small elitist group of self inclusive old boys club), wealthy individuals.

"There are 110 High Court judges in England and Wales. The report, written for senior judges, surveyed six serving recently appointed judges and 29 highly qualified barristers and solicitors.
Lord Judge said the research uncovered "a general concern about working in an old-fashioned, fustian atmosphere, with old-fashioned, fustian colleagues".
" Ref

Regarding the European union OUR COUNTRY, the United Kingdoms of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales need a national referendum.
If we the people are to be denied by our government and MPs, the decisions and rulings from the European courts regarding human rights
Then it must, in turn follow that the UK's Domestic laws need to be reformed.
The laws of the country should be made by the people, about the people, and for the people.
The lives and liberties of all UK citizens should not be decided by a group of discredited MPs and their wealthy associates and business partners.
What the people of the UK need is a NEW Constitution based with the common interests of the people and their environment being at its forefront.

Some of the videos below are documented proof that a large number of riot police do not display their badge numbers.
If you compare the more recent videos with ones from 1985 you will see that little has change.

Police Taser and Thump person in the streets of Nottingham U.K. - Police Brutality

Ian Tomlinson Police Brutality G20 April 1st

STOP POLICE VIOLENCE! Why We're Demonstrating

Shocking police brutality on war hero Mark Aspinall

The True Face Of The British Police?

Operation Solstice (Beanfield Eviction) 1985

Operation Solstice (Beanfield Eviction) 1985 (Pt 2)

Battle of the Beanfield - Dub Version

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