Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Democracy calling

The Government are saying they are going to reduce the amount of people unemployed in the UK. How are they going to do this with over a million jobs so far under threat, and more cuts to come? Defined unemployment in March to May was 2.47 million.
This self styled Government is making no investment for the people in the future work force of this country, we need new green industries, not more job cuts and an erosion of civil liberties. Where is this Government seen to be doing their duty to serve the people who employ them? It seems none of MPs jobs are on the line.
They are seriously talking about a re written constitution; with no public involvement in the decisions they are going to make that will affect everyone for years to come. Why is their not a full public consultation? If they are talking for the mass of the people, then surely they must take directions from the people before they make any statutes?

Big news, more houses go on the market for sale, supply is up, and the reason is because many people who have already lost their jobs have now been evicted out of their homes by banks and mortgage companies. Who stands to gain, not the people, where is the justice and the balance? All the peoples money that has gone into propping up banks, and still they are allowed to give away the peoples money to a small selection of their own individuals in the way of massive bonuses.
Many people who at present are in charge of monies in the banks and government bodies do not have any professional qualifications, this is not acceptable.
The Government are deciding your future without full transparent public consultation, this is not acceptable. The houses of Parliament are not governed by the laws of the land, this is not acceptable. Homelessness grows while thousands of buildings remain empty, this is not acceptable. An increase of stealth taxes by the government and local councils do not go back to the people, this is unacceptable.
You are urged to keep talking to your family, friends, neighbours in order to facilitate change. There is no more to say, if you do not step up now and get organised, this guano government ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quango ) will take everything you and your forefathers/mothers have worked so hard for. There needs to be full transparency and accountability, for far too long elitists have robbed the people, not only of their rights, but in many cases also their lives.
You are, so be, act now to unite the people of the Kingdoms, these are your lands, all of you, it is your sovereign duty to, not only uphold the law, but also the rights of the people. This non-governmental organisation performing governmental functions, are in receipt of funding and other support from big business, this is breaking protocol.
This means that they are taking direction/s from banks, large businesses and other self inclusive capitalistic driven bodies. This is not acceptable.
The Government should take its direction from the will of the people, rather than rich elitist individuals and companies who do not have the people’s interest at heart, and show no duty of care. You as a person can surely see the light of this day you live in and the truth that the media and government are consistently distracting the people from the job in hand. This is a call for true unity and uniting in the defence of the people and just laws.
For further information on setting up people’s assembly’s and a way forward for you, your family and friends, please see the following links;

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