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The UN was investigating President Putin for monopolising the media in the run up to Russian elections. We seem to have the same problem in this country with the people being given 3 "Main" parties to choose from through national media. We are the people; we should stand united for our rights, as fathers, mothers brothers and sisters, for this is our country, and our future, which has and will be formed by the input of the masses.

The Politicians who are in the main running for the next general election, once again do not represent the people of the UK, in reality they seem to represent banks, large businesses and themselves, with accountability and duty of care taking a back seat. Let’s face it, the only time you see their face is when they want your signature.

It would seem that councils and MPs are only interested in taking more and more of your hard earned money, giving little or nothing in return. I believe in the people and their dreams, but in truth, with all of these main party politicians, I see no real duty of care, no forward planning for the growth of our Nation, moreover I see these main politicians and their self inclusive associates milking everyone.
Let us remember, and not forget that they make up the rules for themselves, not for you or me, this is one of the main problems with many old and new laws acting as sources for their coffers rather than justice for the people.
How does one finish a statement like this? Seems best to say "We the People".

Love people and I tire of seeing the vast majority, for many generations, paying for the lushness and high class lifestyles of the minority. I would like to represent the people, but not by joining the houses of Parliament and their self inclusive outdated practices.
These days the trouble with being a politician is that you have to join a body that, by the very nature of the beast, as we are increasingly seeing, is a dishonourable practice, with the benefit of the people not being at the centre of its house.

Sure there’s a few MPs and councilors who want to represent the people and probably have their heart in the right place, but when push comes to shove, nothing really changes as they are part of a system that is inherently flawed due to its self righteous stance and distance from the real people, the one’s they are supposed to serve in the real world..
It is not so hard for us to see what is really going on.
Regarding their self imposed expenses claims, it seems that very few are being sacked or prosecuted for fraud or embezzlement of your money, but if it was you who had done this, you would probably be sent to prison sooner rather than later. Let us also remember that the Politicians made up these rules and regulations for their expenses claims.
As they do so often with so many of their rulings, they never consult the population.

For far too long, these elitists who call themselves honourable have favoured no one but themselves, sacrificing many for the few. When the elitist Monarchy were over thrown, Oliver Cromwell talked the people up, but not for revolution, only rebellion, with him and his cohorts forming another select elitist group/s, with the people still in the background.
The people should be put in the foreground as it is their time and labour that creates the economy. Think about it, every pound you spend, the government takes 17.5 pence as tax, then you’ve got your wages, the amount taken depends on what you earn, but either way, what do the masses get for their law enforced payments? There seems to be no end to the greed of MPs and Councilors, and no end in sight for these constant, “Make it up as they go” revenue collections.
Road Tax, petrol tax, licences, parking regulations, new parking charges. For several years councils have charged people to park outside of their own houses, on average this costs £99 for 12 months
In Camden 37,000 permits were issued to fill 22,500 spaces, this seems ludicrous and very irregular.
Even though this is the case let’s do the maths on that one
99 X 37,000 = £3663000 per year
The people are told that the charges pay for the administration of the parking regulators, yet when we look at the revenues they raise from the vehicle tow trucks plus the additional costs of getting your vehicle out of their compounds, these costs in themselves would pay for administration.

This is an excellent example of how councils and politicians are just slapping you in the face with more and more demands, and then there’s that Poll Tax, or is it community charge, what have you seen done for the communities with these revenues, another hospital cut back, increasing fares, cuts in services, bad housing, the closing of youth facilities the list is quite long. When one stops to think about the movement of money, think how much money is going out of your pockets and into theirs
We are talking billions. We ran a check on one topic, though there were many that would also yield substantial amounts raised (taken) by councils and politicians, we checked parking fines in Camden for the year 2003/2004

Number of Penalty Charge Notices Issued by London Borough of Camden
Remember we are only looking at one year of parking fines nothing else
The cost of a parking ticket fine is £60; let’s do the maths on that one
60 X 467,683 = £28060980

The population of Camden at this time was roughly 210,000
If we divide these revenues between the residents it works out at
£28060980 Divided by 210,000 = £133.62p each household. Though this may not be a lot per household if the amount was spent within the community, which would be enough for people to forgo their resident permit payment and leave quite a substantial amount that could be used to bring benefit to the community.
As you will see, this is just one example of the vast amount of your money being taken.
If you think that we need a new and honest representation of the people you will not find it in the Houses of Parliament nor within the House of Lords, it is more likely you will find it with your friends, family and the people of the United Kingdom., for it is the people who make it all work. You must never forget this and you should make sure that the MPs and Councillors don’t forget their undertaking to you the people. Unite for what is right, your rights.

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