Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Pay up Pay up

Pay up Pay up

Looking back with the Retro Specks

Pay up Pay up
Accepting the committees conclusions
Expenses bust the trust of the people, it’s no illusion

Now MPs pay back in part for over indulgence
And still they’ll do little except take the money from the people

Who’s in control?
Does anybody know?
I see a bunch of crooks
Reaching for their cheque books
Whilst others wriggle and side step
Wouldn’t place my bet on any of these horses
Liberal, Labour or the Tories
I’m with the people
That’s where I stand
We are the voice of these islands

Where do you want to take it?
We’ve all got to grow
With a new seed we could sow something for ourselves and the children
Feeling part of everything
Rather than just another rusting link to the monetary chain gang

Politicians milking the country dry
Raising billions from the people to bail out the banks
Where’s the money gone, you don’t get a deal, they’ll still foreclose if you can’t pay the bills, but hey, what’s to say, still on the big bonuses, while we’ve still got homelessness

Now those high tops, their up for selling our crops, more of peoples investments
Property, these assets are from the public finances, and they're gonna sell em at rock bottom prices, strange and divisive, never asked you or me how they'll sell of the lot, to settle some debt like Northern Rock
Thinking it will resolve this growing situation, and still up for a free ride at the expense of the nation

None of these have got my trust and they won’t get my vote
Keep themselves to themselves
Shady elitists, prejudices, it’s a joke

I can see what I know best
That’s me and you
Beginning now we start something new
The fat cats won’t change, you’ll just get short changed again and again, has it dawned on you and your brain, if we are to except what is insane
Then the beast will be let loose from its cage
If I wanted to change the Scene, I’d vote for those who really count and they are the people.
But seeing as all I can see is colours, I’ll vote green, something, as yet unseen.

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