Monday, 20 April 2009

We the people

World leader’s religious leaders, none of them want to get on, all they want is to control everyone, all claim to have the right and the answer, and all make the people pay in some way shape or form.
People are individuals why do these political and religious leaders always want to lead them telling them how it is. Further to this, where is it that they lead the people? Repression, wars, dysfunction and the resulting environmental and human impact
The world and the life upon it cannot be owned, neither can God, no man or woman is given direct ownership on anything other than themselves, it is self accountability that is the answer to rules and regulations along with respect for another’s freedom, expression and individualism. All of these leaders tell you/us/me how it is, how they see it. This always seems to include their foolish greed and vast amounts of power and control, but not the people.
We/you/I the people, all beings of the Earth have sovereignty of the planet, so why are the governments, industry and the religious leaders allowed to continue in this fashion? Who gives them the right or the power of Rule?

A questions on the world economy
Where is all the money? It doesn't seem to have been kept safe in the banks, so where has it gone?
Who has taken it?
Is it out of circulation?
With the up comming budget, what will they spend more of your money on?
Who are you helping, who are you bailing out?
What is the long term plan?
A legal undertaking has been entered into regarding the reduction of CO2 emmissions.
What plans do the government have regarding investment into green energy, where are the plans for the new drive of industry?

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